Travel Alert: Italy [August 31, 2021]

Travel Alert

Protesters are organizing to blockade train stations in around 54 cities throughout Italy on September 1, 2021. Citizens are protesting to denounce actions in place to combat the spread of COVID-19, in particular the September 1, expansion of the “Green Pass” requirement to include long-distance public transport. A Green Pass indicates that the holder is vaccinated against, recovered from, or recently tested negative for COVID-19.

Participants will gather outside the stations from 14:30 before attempting to enter the stations at 15:00 and remaining until the evening. Activists are targeting the main train station in most locations; the following are the targeted stations in large cities with multiple train stations:

  • Rome: Tiburtina Station
  • Bologna: Centrale Station
  • Florence: Santa Maria Novella Station
  • Genoa: Piazza Principe Station
  • Milan: Porta Garibaldi Station
  • Naples: Garibaldi Station
  • Turin: Porta Nuova Station

Additional police will likely deploy to monitor the actions and may attempt to stop activists from entering the stations. The protests and related security measures will likely result in station access disruptions and rail service disruptions in affected locations. Isolated clashes are likely between police and protesters, particularly if activists attempt to breach any security cordons. Bystanders are unlikely to be directly targeted but could face an indirect threat of harm.

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