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Riskovery develops solutions to prevent and ensure that when incidents occur abroad, personnel are rapidly recovered and crisis is avoided without exhausting company resources.

Riskovery works in 3 phases.

  1. Pre-Deployment: Riskovery provides planning intelligence focusing on project viability, population densities, communication infrastructure, logistical supply chain and transportation options, and critical infrastructure layout.
  2. During Deployment: Riskovery We collect and analyze data seamlessly
    as a background app
  3. Responding to Crisis: In a crisis, we quickly evaluate safety and status, and deploy intelligent solutions for rapid recovery

After years of finding individuals that didn’t want to be found, the team at Riskovery decided to apply their unique skills to finding the good guys that want to. With over 150 years of combined experience in human tracking and analysis, the team at Riskovery has the unique ability to locate missing personnel. Whether in an emergency, a natural disaster or a kidnapping situation, your best chance or returning home is with Riskovery.

Our team includes: customer support, software engineers, former SOF professionals, and intelligence professionals

Our purpose is to deliver a complete Travel Risk Management solution to global organizations who want to conduct business abroad without criminal, terrorism, and/or natural disaster risks jeopardizing employee safety, future operations, corporate liability, or brand identity. Here’s how we help:

Our solution automates risks through a centralized, tier-one intel team, rapid-response framework, and convenient background app that users won’t want to delete.

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Sean Reed

CEO / Founder

“Providing safety for our traveling employees isn’t optional, it’s a requirement”