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The Riskovery Platform

Global Organizations want to conduct business abroad without criminal, terrorism, and/or natural disaster risks jeopardizing employee safety, future operations, corporate liability, or brand identity. Here’s how we help:

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Using Intelligence to Reduce Corporate Travel risks

Riskovery develops solutions to prevent and ensure that when incidents
occur abroad, personnel are rapidly recovered and crisis is avoided without exhausting company resources.

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The Riskovery Solutions

Riskovery Travel Risk Management Application

Riskovery offers the only travel risk management solution in the industry that takes proactive steps to ensure an employee can be recovered in an emergency situation. Riskovery combines a sophisticated front end application, with an advanced remote communication and proprietary backend analytics platform to provide an organization the support it needs when sending employees abroad. 

Riskovery enhances your Duty of Care planning with our detailed site surveys, logistical supply chain and transportation options, market potential, project viability, communication infrastructure, crime statistics, and more. 

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