Travel Alert: North & South America [March 25,2022]

Travel Alert

Climate activists will hold a number of demonstrations in cities across the Americas March 25th. The gatherings are organized as part of the broader international action dubbed “Global Climate Strike.” Multiple high-profile civil society groups have expressed support for the action. Demonstrations likely to attract higher attendance and potentially cause disruptions include:

  • Ottawa, Canada: McNabb Park, from 12:00
  • Montreal, Canada: City Hall, from 13:30
  • Quebec City, Canada: Provincial parliament building from 13:00
  • Toronto, Canada: 265 Annette Street, from 09:00
  • Washington D.C, US: White House, from 14:00
  • New York City, US: Low Library at Columbia University, from 11:00
  • Los Angeles, US: City Hall, from 12:30
  • Mexico City, Mexico: City Hall, from 12:00
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil: Museum of Art (MASP) on Avenida Paulista, from 17:00
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina: City Hall, from 19:00
  • Santiago, Chile: City Hall, from 15:30 and Parque Almagro, from 17:00

Additional events are scheduled in other cities throughout the region with varying levels of participation; the largest actions are likely in major cities. Demonstrations could involve marches around the given location or through city centers, though event locations are liable to change at short notice due to requests from local authorities.

Any related gatherings are likely to remain peaceful, especially considering that the main organizing groups hope to attract large numbers of schoolchildren to highlight the interests of future generations with regard to climate change. Police will almost certainly deploy near the larger rallies as a precaution. Localized traffic disruptions are probable. Increased crowding on public transport systems is possible near the larger rally locations.

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