Travel Alert: China [March 22,2022]

Travel Alert

Officials in Liaoning Province have imposed lockdown measures in Shenyang as of March 22nd due to COVID-19 activity. Authorities have placed all housing compounds under closed management measures; residents may only leave if they present a negative nucleic acid test result taken within 48 hours and must hold an entry and exit pass. Public transport, as well as nonessential businesses and activities, are suspended. Security checkpoints are likely across Shenyang to enforce the movement restrictions. Authorities likely continue to require individuals in Shenyang to present a negative nucleic acid test result to enter public venues. In Dalian, residents in closed areas must abide by stay-home measures; local authorities will deliver daily necessities to households in the affected locations. Separately, individuals in control areas must remain in their communities, while social gatherings are banned. Schools and cultural venues are closed in Dalian. Testing of residents is underway in Dalian and Shenyang.

The tightest curbs are in high- and medium-risk areas. As of March 22nd, at least 46 areas located in Dalian’s Pulandian and Jinpu New districts, as well as Shenyang’s Dadong District and Yingkou’s Bayuquan District, are medium risk. Officials have also designated a logistics company in Bayuquan District, Yingkou City, as high risk. Residents of affected communities must stay at home. Authorities likely only allow entry and exit for essential services and transport of goods and medical supplies. Public and private transport is likely suspended in the affected areas. Security personnel will enforce checkpoints in these areas to ensure compliance with movement restrictions. Authorities typically extend measures until two weeks after the latest date of newly confirmed community cases. Officials will likely carry out several rounds of testing in these locations before easing restrictions.

While authorities have resumed passenger flights at Taoxian International Airport (SHE), lingering flight disruptions remain possible at SHE and other regional airports like Zhoushuizi International Airport (DAL). Cargo and passenger transit to, within, and from Liaoning Province, particularly Dalian and Shenyang, may face processing delays and disruptions. Strict COVID-19 restrictions, particularly in industrial areas, could lead to factory closures and business disruptions in the affected areas. Officials could also introduce a departure ban or long-distance travel controls in cities in Liaoning Province at short notice.

Additional measures are likely in other parts of Liaoning Province if new COVID-19 cases emerge. Strict controls such as stay-at-home orders, and closure of nonessential businesses are probable in affected locations with COVID-19 cases, as well as adjacent areas. Several rounds of mass testing are almost certain in areas under stay-at-home orders. Other provincial and municipal governments will probably require individuals who have recently traveled to medium-risk areas in Liaoning Province to undergo COVID-19 testing and/or mandatory institutional quarantine periods.

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