Travel Alert: Bolivia [March 18,2022]

travel Alert

Unionized teachers, affiliated with several organizations including the Confederation of Urban Education Workers (Confederacion de Trabajadores de Educacion Urbana), have launched a 24-hour nationwide strike, and protests in multiple cities of Bolivia, March 18th. Activists announced demonstrations in several locations, including outside the Teacher’s Social House, located along Genaro Sanjines street in La Paz, and at Avenida Cristo Redentor in Santa Cruz. Demonstrators are likely to block major roads in downtown La Paz and Santa Cruz, as well as other cities such Cochabamba, Sucre, and Oruro.

Transport and business disruptions are likely March 18th, especially in downtown areas, along major roads, and around government buildings in Bolivia’s major cities. Heightened security is likely, and clashes between police and demonstrators cannot be ruled out.

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