Travel Alert: United Kingdom [February 21, 2022]

Travel Alert

Strong winds and heavy rainfall brought by Strom Franklin have led to ongoing flooding and disruptions to transport and utilities across parts of the UK on February 21st. Recovery operations are still ongoing in parts of the UK following storms Dudley and Eunice, which impacted the country February 16-17th and February 18th respectively. The latter caused three fatalities across the UK, and over a million people lost power during the storm, although most have since had their power supplies restored. Fraklin has been impacting the country since February 20th, and although all weather warnings for the storm have now expired and conditions are likely to improve, lingering disruptions are likely across parts of the UK in the coming days.

Heavy rains from Franklin caused severe flooding in parts of Northern Ireland, including in counties Londonderry and Tyrone. Around 3,000 homes in Northern Ireland are without power as of February 21st, down from a peak of 10,000 earlier in the day. Flooding has also been reported in parts of Yorkshire in England, where several rivers, including the Don and Wharfe, broke their banks. Flooding is also occurring in parts of Derbyshire, Herefordshire, and Lancashire. Hundreds of flood warnings and alerts are in effect for rivers and coastlines across England, Scotland, and Wales.

Northern Rail canceled services across the northwest of England, and many other rail operators have advised the public not to travel on February 21st. Rotherham Central Station in South Yorkshire has been flooded and will be closed until at least February 22nd. Nine flights were diverted from Manchester Airport (MAN) on February 21st due to adverse weather conditions. Disruptions have also been reported on many roads across the UK, including the M60 in Greater Manchester and the M6 in Lancashire. The Dartford Crossing QE2 in Kent and the M48 Severen Bridge between Wales and England were also closed.

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