Travel Alert: Germany [February 8, 2022]

Travel Alert

The environmental activist group “Letzte Generation” is likely to stage further roadblock protests in German urban centers through February. The group is demanding the government take greater action to address climate change, particularly regarding food waste. Small numbers of activists blocked traffic on multiple sections of the A100 Highway in Berlin Feb. 7-8; activists have also targeted major routes in central Hamburg, Stuttgart, Munich, Freiburg, and Frankfurt in recent weeks. Letzte Generation has stated their intention to continue protests until the government enacts legislation to tackle food waste.

Further actions are likely on highways in these cities and other urban centers nationwide; activists could also target major routes away from city centers or other key transport infrastructures such as airports or train stations in attempts to cause maximum disruption. Police move to clear affected roads quickly, but activists often glue themselves to road surfaces to prevent removal attempts and prolong resultant disruptions. Traffic delays are likely on affected routes until activists are dispersed; congestion is likely on parallel routes. While protesters are unlikely to act violently, skirmishes with frustrated motorists are possible.

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