Travel Alert: Canada [February 3,2022]

Travel Alert

Blizzards, heavy snowfall, strong winds, heavy rainfall, freezing rain, extreme cold and winter storm conditions are forecast across much of central and southern Canada through at least February 5th. A low-pressure system is bringing wintery weather to western Canada as it moves over British Columbia and a winter storm is forecast to hit Ontario and Quebec Feb. 3-4. Extreme cold temperatures are forecast across areas between the two systems and another winter storm currently impacting the central and eastern US is expected to reach eastern Canada Feb. 5.

As of early Feb. 3, Environment Canada has issued the following weather warnings across the affected area:

  • Red blizzard, snowfall, winter storm, rainfall, freezing rain, and extreme cold warnings (the highest level on a three-tier scale): for parts of northern and western Alberta, western, northern, and eastern British Columbia, Manitoba, central and southern New Brunswick, western, eastern, and southeastern Newfoundland and Labrador, central Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, northern, central, and far southern Ontario, Prince Edward Island, northern, central, and far southern Quebec, northern, central, and western Saskatchewan, and western and southern Yukon.
  • Yellow winter storm watch: for parts of central Alberta, eastern British Columbia, and southeastern Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • Special weather statements: for parts of southeastern Newfoundland and Labrador, southern Ontario, and southern Quebec.

Authorities will likely issue new alerts or update/rescind existing advisories as the winter storm transits the region over the coming days.

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