Travel Alert: Myanmar [January 10, 2022]

Conflicts between militant groups and military (Tatmadaw) groups are assessed to be in Sagaing Region following fighting in early January. Conflicts between civilian militias, including the People’s Defense Force (PDF), and the Tatmadaw have occurred in Indaw, Kale, Wetlet, and Ye-U townships in recent days. Multiple fighters on both sides of the conflict have been killed in the fighting. Military forces have set fire to villages in multiple areas, including Kale and Yinmabin townships; dozens of civilians have been killed. Thousands of people have been displaced from areas where fighting has occurred.Authorities will almost certainly maintain heightened security, including checkpoints and road closures, in the affected areas in the coming weeks. Militant groups will probably also continue increased patrols in the region. Violence is likely to affect transport in the area, especially roads connecting townships.

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