Travel Alert: Bulgaria [December 6, 2021]

Travel Alert

Heavy rainfall, strong winds, and snowfall are forecast across much of Bulgaria through at least December 7th. The National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH) has issued the following weather warnings:

  • Orange warnings (i.e., second-highest warning on a four-tier scale) for strong winds and heavy rainfall in the southern provinces of Blagoevgrad, Smolyan, and Kardzhali Dec. 7.
  • Yellow warnings (i.e., third-highest warning on a four-tier scale) for strong winds across some eastern, southeastern, and central provinces Dec. 6.
  • Yellow warnings for strong winds, heavy rainfall, snow, and ice across western, northern, and central provinces Dec. 7.

Officials could update and possibly extend the coverage of weather alerts over the coming days.

Hazardous Conditions
Forecast heavy rainfall may cause flash and areal flooding in some affected areas. Flooding is most likely in low-lying communities near watercourses and other large bodies of water, as well as in urban areas with easily overwhelmed stormwater drainage systems. Sites located downstream of large reservoirs may be subject to flash flooding after relatively short periods of intense rainfall.

Precipitation could fall as snow in higher elevations over the coming days. Wind gusts could cause blowing and drifting snow; decreased visibility is likely in mountainous areas. Rain-induced landslides cannot be ruled out in areas of elevated terrain; there is also the possibility of avalanches in mountainous areas where the snowpack has become unstable due to heavy snowfall. Power outages could occur throughout Bulgaria due to adverse weather.

Floodwaters and related debris may render some bridges, rail networks, or roadways impassable, impacting overland travel in and around affected areas. Flooding in urban areas could also result in significant traffic congestion. Heavy snowfall will likely make driving hazardous in some areas; authorities could implement temporary road closures or detours in such locations. Mountain passes and tunnels could be closed as a precautionary measure during periods of intense snowfall.

The disruptive weather will likely cause some delays and cancellations at regional airports. Flooding or snow could block regional rail lines; freight and passenger train delays and cancellations are possible in areas that see heavy precipitation and potential track blockages.

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