Travel Alert: Sierra Leone [November 8, 2021]

Travel Alert

A fuel tanker exploded in Freetown, Sierra Leone, killing at least 98 people. Several people have been reported in critical condition. Two vehicles collided on a highway near the fuel tanker, resulting in leakage of fuel that led to a major explosion and fire disaster. Hospital officials called in as many doctors and nurses as they could overnight to tend to the wounded. The country’s health care sector is still recovering from the 2014-2016 Ebola epidemic, which killed many of the West African nation’s doctors and nurses. Vice President Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh visited two hospitals overnight and said Sierra Leone’s National Disaster Management Agency and others would “work tirelessly” in the wake of the emergency.

About Riskovery Solutions

Riskovery doesn’t wait until an incident occurs to look for a solution. Our Travel Risk Management Application proactively collects data through its proprietary application to ensure when an incident occurs, employees have the greatest chance of receiving the support they need to get home. As soon as an alert is received, Riskovery immediately begins to reestablish communication. Simultaneously, while communication is being re-established, the team analyzes data to determine where your team members are if they are safe and alternate methods for re-contacting. Team Riskovery takes proactive steps to provide essential support to stranded team members

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