Travel Alert: Guatemala [Aug 11, 2021]

Travel Alert

Further protests by military veterans are expended to occur nationwide today August 11th. Veterans are protesting for the approval of a pension bill. Protesters blocked major intercity roads causing significant transport disruptions on key routes across the country on August 10th; they threatened to resume protests, August 11th.

Known gathering areas on August 11th include the following:

  • CA-1 Highway: El Tejar (km. 49), El Boqueron (km. 65), Monumento al Migrante (km. 190), Cruce de Colotenango (km. 266).
  • CA-2 Highway: San Antonio (km. 149), El Triangulo (km. 163), Puente Castillo Armas (km. 178.5), Cruce de la Virgen (km. 247).
  • CA-9 Highway: Sanarate (km. 53), Masagua (km.90), Puerto Quetzal (km. 93), La Ruidosa (km. 245).
  • CA-10 Highway: La Fragua (km. 146), Cruce San Esteban (km. 147).
  • CA-13 Highway: Machaquila (km. 387).
  • CA-14 Highway: Cumbre de Santa Elena (km. 132), Cruce de San Juan (km. 180).

Other gathering points are expected to include major thoroughfares, government buildings, and central squares nationwide. Heightened security measures are likely to be taken by the government and associated fighting is possible near roadblocks and demonstration sites. Ground travel delays are likely near all protest locations, be sure to add extra time to all commutes today and plan multiple routes.

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