Travel Alert: Japan


Reports of a magnitude 5.5 offshore earthquake occurred in the North Pacific Ocean, off central Honshu, Japan, at around 1319 (GMT+9) July 16. Officials are calculating the epicenter was about 160 km (99 miles) south-southeast of Shimoda in Shizuoka Prefecture. The tremor occurred at a depth of about 11 km (7 miles), and weak-to-light shaking was reported being felt throughout Aichi, Chiba, Kanagawa, Shizuoka, and Tokyo prefectures. Initial reports are no damage and no casualties as a result of the earthquake; however, significant damage is unlikely. It could take several hours until authorities can conduct comprehensive damage assessments, especially in remote areas. Aftershocks are possible over the coming days. The event has not prompted any tsunami advisories.

Officials may temporarily shut down transportation infrastructure in the tremor zone to check for damage. Minor disruptions could occur during shutdowns, but service will likely resume quickly if no damage is found. Utility outages are possible, particularly near the earthquake’s epicenter.

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