Tensions In Eastern Europe

Russian Forces map
Russian Forces map
Russian troops staging along the eastern boarder of Ukraine

Ukraine and Russia tensions are on the raise. Reports stating that Russia is one step away from war. Threats of war have caught the attention of everyone across Europe and globally.  Russia has now gathered close to 80,000 troops along the Eastern boarder of Ukraine. Presidential spokesman Luliia Mendel said that 40,000 troops are now stationed in Crimea with another 40,000 near the Donbass region where Russian-backed separatists have been fighting government forces for years.

Michael McFaul said the current posturing in eastern Europe could easily spill over into all-out conflict if Russia decides to attack on the pretext of ‘liberating’ Russian-speakers in the east of the country who it considers citizens. ‘If that happened the Ukrainian government and the Ukrainian army would respond, I have no doubt that they would, and then you would have a war in Europe between two very formidable armies,’ he said. Russia has been attacking Ukrainian President Zelensky through state media channels projecting him as the aggressor. Zelenskiy will this week travel to Paris to discuss the rising tensions with European allies. 


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