Kidnapping in Africa, does your company have Travel risk management?

Travel Risk Management
Travel Risk Management

On October 27th a U.S citizen was kidnapped in southern Niger. The Islamic State as well as Al-Qaeda are known aggressors in this African region confirms Nigerian officials.  Although neither the Islamic State nor Al-Qaeda have public taken credit for the kidnapping, it is suspected hey are the ones responsible. The kidnapping took place in the small isolated town named Birnin Konni near the border of Nigeria.

Niger as well as other west African countries are seeing increased activity from terror cells as countries are stretched thin grappling with the current COVID-19 pandemic. As borders open up and business travel normalizes, Travel Risk Management should not be an afterthought. Duty of Care should be a top priority as you send your employees away from home. Having a plan to insure everything goes right isn’t enough anymore, what are you doing when something goes wrong?

About Riskovery

Riskovery operates the industry’s leading Travel Risk Management mobile app on personnel intelligence and crisis response — a software that goes beyond the ‘GPS-only’ products on the market. The analytics offer user and pattern-recognition unlike anything to date, and best of all it is a preventative option with capability to secure your team anywhere on the globe before, during, and after the dozens of incidents that affect nearly every major corporation and nonprofit while working abroad. In addition to our intel app and crisis response team, we also have a corporate intel and investigation team that offers a full suite of services including plans and assessments, incident prevention and research, and travel advisory reports.

For more information on Riskovery and how we can keep your employees safe during a natural disaster, please visit

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