Finding the Silver Lining In A Virtual World

Silver Lining of a Virtual World:
Silver Lining of a Virtual World:

Transitioning to a virtual work setting, as well as virtual learning for our children, can be overwhelming and stressful, but is it possible there is a silver lining to this new normal? This summer the leading travel-business and medical minds came together to drive the conversation on how the most at-risk companies and employees can take steps to prioritize health and drive business goals in the face of the COVID-19 virus. As cases continued to climb, we discussed how leading corporations could drive health, well-being, and business goals, and within that discussion we found an inspiring optimism to change our perspective and see the good that can come from change.

David A. Silver, M. D. joined our discussion to discuss strategies both corporations and nonprofits could adopt in order to ensure the health and well-being of traveling employees during COVID-19. David is a cardiothoracic anesthesiologist and surgical critical care specialist at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston. He spent most of his time this Spring attending on the COVID-19 ICU service. Dr. Silver serves as departmental Associate Clinical Director for Patient Safety and is active at the hospital level in Quality and Safety initiatives, including hand-washing and compliance with infection control policies.  He co-founded the Brigham ECMO (artificial life support) service and sits on the hospital Quality Assurance/Risk Management, Ethics and Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committees.

As we discussed how the medical industry has transformed over the last few months, Dr. Silver shared how the mission became focused on COVID-19, eliminating elective surgeries and slowing down research. Although this shift was difficult for the medical industry, David spoke about changing our perspectives of a virtual world during a pandemic to see there are some positives that come from a virtual world.

“It’s been an exceptional opportunity to build new methods of teaching and new interactions.” 

~ Dr. David Silver


Are there truly positives that can come from the virtual changes we have all had to make due to the pandemic? Dr. Silver says yes! Checkout the following 3 areas below that are bringing positive change to the medical industry:

  1. New Methods: COVID-19 restrictions have made us rethink old methods of teaching, challenging us to develop new ways to educate and learn. 
  2. New Interactions: The pandemic has required us to learn new technology, pushing us to reach beyond the status quo. 
  3. New Opportunities: Due to the move to a virtual work setting, there have been opportunities to talk and meet with people that we would not normally talk with due to distance. 


Although the shift to a virtual world has brought many changes to our lives that can be a struggle to adjust to, shifting our perspective to see there is a silver lining will help us realize that although change is hard, positives can come from an uncertain time, and that is truly inspiring

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