OpenPass, Identifying COVID-19 Symptoms Before Onset

COVID-19 Universities
COVID-19 Universities

As  universities and corporations plan to welcome students back to campuses and local headquarters, one has to stop to ask: is it safe enough? It only takes driving to your local-and-currently-closed Starbucks to realize that one sick employee can completely disrupt the outcome of large-scale business plans. Academic institutions and corporations are tasked with weighing the tradeoffs of reopening amid unpredictable infection rates and litigation.

OpenPass, the COVID-19 health passport, enables institutions to prescreen and measure changes in 3 key indicators that predict COVID-19 symptoms as well as perform daily well-being checks on stress and anxiety. 

Recent studies have found that by monitoring changes in SpO2, Heart Rate, and Body Temperature, COVID-19 symptoms can be identified with over 90% accuracy, 3 days before onset.  OpenPass helps organizations prevent at-risk employees or students from leaving their home and potentially spreading the virus. 

The Metrics that Matter

SpO2 is a measure of oxygen-carrying hemoglobin in the blood relative to the amount of hemoglobin not carrying oxygen. The body needs a certain level of oxygen in the blood or it will not function as efficiently. In fact, very low levels of SpO2 can result in serious symptoms. By monitoring SpO2, OpenPass can identify silent Hypoxemia, an early onset symptom of many COVID-19 carriers. 

Heart Rate monitoring works by logging your average beats-per-minute to establish a baseline metric. When heart rate fluctuates without increased movement or strenuous activity, this deviation may indicate a possible  infection. 

OpenPass identifies body temperature elevation, often before an infection-positive carrier even notices. While having a fever is a clear symptom of COVID-19, elevated body temperature often goes unnoticed until a fever arrives.

OpenPass Implementation 

Riskovery’s engineers recognized shortfalls in symptom-checking solutions across the country, such as temperature monitors and gate-pass scanners — which enable COVID-19 positive and asymptomatic to show up in-person and potentially infect others on-site.  

Detecting the presence of COVID-19 symptoms prior to arrival has been the key imperative to effectively inform large organizations of risks and keep community members safe.  The OpenPass digital health passport helps your organization automate so that users pre-screen before returning in-person.

Learn more about OpenPass: 

Riskovery offers the industry’s leading technology and risk-mitigation solutions to help you navigate personnel, crisis-response, and COVID-19 security.  Experts in predictive analytics and business continuity management – contact us to help your organization adopt a safe and effective operational model.  

OpenPass – Automated COVID-19 Symptom Checker 

Request an OpenPass demo here to cautiously mitigate infection risks, pursuant to state and federal regulations, for the well-being of your organization and community.


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