The Company Liability of Travel Risk Management

Business Travel Safety
Business Travel Safety

Before COVID-19, it was becoming more common to send employees on international trips as companies were/are becoming more globally mobile. Protecting your employees by giving them the most up to date information and tools for safety is a company’s duty. Providing travel risk management (TRM) while abroad isn’t only ethical, it’s an obligation.

International risk can be grouped into two types, health and safety. As the current state of the world is on high alert about COVID-19, frequent travelers need to stay up to date on local infections, diseases, and best practices for combating them. Depending on the type of work, your employee or relief worker could be at higher risk for work place accidents. Working in remote locations also poses the risk of if you get hurt, how are you getting help? The closest hospital could be over an hour away. Having a plan on what you’re going to do in the worst-case scenario saves valuable time and in turn can save lives.

Safety risks are going to be dependent on location and political climate. Organized crime and terrorism are more prevalent around the globe today than it has ever been. From pic pocketing, assault/kidnapping, rape, etc. As an employer it’s your obligation to make sure everyone has the necessary safety tools for any location you send them to.

Travel Risk Management (TRM) Solutions aren’t just a luxury anymore. The countless threats around the globe not only threaten your employees but they threaten your company. Being prepared and equipped with the right solution will keep your company and its employees prepared for any circumstance.

Want to learn more about how you can keep your relief workers and employees safe while reducing company liability? Riskovery has recently expanded our Travel Risk Management Solution stack. From Duty of Care planning to Travel Risk Management, Riskovery offers full-service protection.

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