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Riskovery Intel Solution

We are beyond excited, thrilled, and delighted to announce the expansion of Riskovery’s Travel Risk Management solutions. For the past year we have been working diligently to ensure that our Riskovery Mobile App provided safety and value to keeping your employees, relief workers, and volunteers safe while traveling. After many conversations with customers and a growing understanding of the gaps that persist within Duty of Care plans and other Travel Risk Management (TRM) solutions, we decided to not only offer our Riskovery App solution, but to develop a new solution: Corporate Intel and Investigation.

Corporate Intel and Investigation

Creating a comprehensive Duty of Care plan includes understanding the environment that you’re sending employees or relief workers to. Riskovery is now offering support by providing you and your team with a detailed report outlining the current situation on the ground to help influence your Duty of Care planning for that location. This report focuses on site surveys, logistical supply chain and transportation options, market potential, project viability, communication infrastructure, crime statistics, and more. We’ve broken down our Corporate Intel and Investigation into three parts: Plans and Assessments, Incident Prevention and Research, and Travel Advisory.

Plans and Assessments

Depending on the type of support and detail required, Riskovery can deploy teams to the working area in advance of your employees arrival to ensure thorough refinement to your deployment and emergency planning. At a base level, Riskovery provides project viability, population densities, communication infrastructure, logistical supply chain and transportation options, and critical infrastructure layout.

Incident Prevention and Research

After gathering information in the planning stage, Riskovery can develop and recommend emergency planning for you and your team, ranging from movement options to communication and medical capabilities. This plan will help to prevent employees from encountering a threat, while also giving them an actionable plan for returning safely in the event that they do encounter one.

Travel Advisory

One of the biggest threats to a Duty of Care plan is crime and security. Riskovery adds reassurance by conducting a local crime and security review. Areas with higher crime activity are broken down by type of crime and mitigation strategies (time of day, need for group travel, security, etc), giving your employees the information they need to avoid threats before they happen.

We believe that the expansion of our TRM solutions will enable your Duty of Care plan to be more actionable and more comprehensive. Riskovery has put a lot of thought and development into the design of our enterprise level TRM solution so that your employees can conduct their business safely and efficiently with the confidence of returning home without incident.

For more information on our new Corporate Intel and Investigation solution or our Riskovery Application solution, please contact sales at contact@riskoverysolutions.com.

The Riskovery Solutions team.

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